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Facilities rendering generosity to wanderers have been the highlight in the time of the earliest civilizations. In Greco-Roman civilization medical institution for healing and relaxation were constructed at thermal baths. Likewise in the time of the Middle ages, a variety of spiritual orders at a religious residence would propose lodging services for wanderers on the street.

The inn of medieval Europe was the pioneer of the modern hotel, perhaps way back to the rule of Ancient Rome. These would cater the needs of wanderers, such as meals and accommodations. A classic design of a hotel had an interior court with bedchambers on the both sides. Also, this has a room equipped for preparing meals and a living room in the front part and at the back is the stables.

From the mid seventeenth century, an era of about two hundred years, coaching inns aided as a venue of accommodation for coach wanderers. Years after that, in the mid eighteenth century, inns started to accommodate affluent customers.

One of the primary hotels in a contemporary sense was launched in Exeter in the year 1768. All the way in Western Europe and North America, hotels were multiplied and those that are extravagant commenced to come into its existence in the late period of the century.

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The manoeuvres of hotels depend in three important aspects such as size, function and cost. Major hospitality firms and majority of the hotels have established principles to categorize the types of hotels.

  • An upgraded full-service hotel resource caters extravagant and complete facility accommodation, on-the-spot full facility restaurant and the premier stage of personalized and specialized service. This is commonly categorized with at least 4 diamonds or a 4 or 5 stars ranking depending on the state and local classification of principles. Waldorf Astoria, Four Seasons, Conrad, Fairmont, and Ritz Carlton are examples of this.
  • Full service hotels regularly contain services with a large capacity of full facility lodging and a range of on-site amenities. Swimming pools, fitness club, juvenile’ undertakings, and a large room used mainly for dancing are also included in this type. Good examples of these are the InterContinental, Starwood – Westin, Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt hotel.
  • Boutique hotels are tinier self-governing non-branded lodgings that often have upgraded service. These are classically lodgings with a distinctive atmosphere and friendly setting.
  • Small to medium-sized hotels bargain restricted quantity of on-the-spot facilities. These provide and offer to a precise number of travellers like single commercial wanderer. Majority concentrate or choose service lodging may still cater complete service accommodations but may possibly have insufficient leisure Courtyard by Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn are under these types.
  • Economy hotels are establishments that sized small to medium. These cater primary services with minimal to no service at all.
  • Extended stay hotels offer relatively long time services rather than traditional lodgings. These may cater non-traditional pricing procedures like a weekly rate that supply towards wanderers in necessity for an immediate accommodations for a prolonged period of time. This contains only limited and normal amenities. Examples may include Staybridge Suites, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Residence Inn by Marriott, Element, and Extended Stay Hotels.
  • Timeshare and Destination clubs are systems of property proprietorship which includes possession of a personal unit of lodging for conditional usage. This type is also referred as a vacation ownership. Frequently, this caters amenities like of a full service hotel with on-the-spot restaurants, swimming pools, grounds for recreation and some leisure-oriented accommodations. Private services such as private houses may offer in this type with a neighbourhood-style. Hilton Grand Vacations,Marriott Vacation Club International, Westgate Resorts, Starwood Vacation Ownership, and Disney Vacation Club are examples of these.
  • Motel is lodging with a straight admittance to single rooms from the parking lot. It is a small-sized establishment. In 1950s and 1960s, this was often positioned adjacent to a main road and were constructed on low-prized plot beside the section of highways and edge of settlements. A newly motel building is rare as hotel chains.

With the cited features, hotels can surely cater one’s needs, whether you are a wanderer or common consumer looking for satisfying accommodations and for good services. You can enjoy such stuffs in the hotel.


The term hotel is originated from the French hôtel, which was denoted to a French type of establishment seeing common visitors, who are giving care, instead of a habitation that offers lodging. In the present time French usage, hôtel has an equivalent definition as in the English term. On the other hand, hôtel particulier is applied for the traditional meaning, the same as “hôtel” in selected places names like Hôtel-Dieu, which has been a medical institution later in the Middle ages.


Are you a traveller looking for payable sumptuous meals and lodging with good services? If yes, hotel is suited for you. Hotels are establishments that cater lodging compensated over a limited period of time. The facilities rendered range from a simple bed and space for clothing to extravagant structures similar to en-suite restrooms. Extra lodger facilities like swimming pool, babysitting, commercial business, facilities for conference and services or social functions are provided by larger hotels.

Rooms in hotels are labelled by number in order to easily recognize by the lodgers. Other hotels offer food serving as a package for a room accommodation and board procedure. In UK, this establishment is demanded by an act to provide delightful meals to all the lodgers in a definite quantified hour. Meanwhile, in Japan, capsule hotels cater a minimized quantity of space for room and shared amenities.

General Manager serves as the superior head executive in the majority of the hotel establishments. They are frequently called as the “Hotel Manager”, section heads who are responsible to oversee a variety of sections in the scope of the hotel, middle executives and operational staffs. The chart of organization, the quantity of job placement and the hierarchy depends in the size and function of the hotel and is frequently influenced by the owner of the hotel and handling companies.